‪#‎PartyUp‬!! released! Purchase the original! There’s 3 type:


Limited Edition Type A:
-Party Up!!
-Party Up!! Instrumental
-誓い Instrumental
-Party Up MV
-Party Up Shooting Making Video



Limited Edition Type B:
-Party Up!!
-Party Up!! Instrumental
-Party Up!! LIVE VIDEO
-Obsession LIVE VIDEO
-IDKYN(I Don’t Know Your Name) LIVE VIDEO



HyperFocal: 0

Normal edition:
-Party Up!!
-Party Up!! Instrumental
-誓い Instrumental
-Obsession Instrumental
-IDKYN Instrumental

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Review – Matsushita Yuya – #musicoverdose

This review is a big help for the other U international fans. Thanks for the good reviews. 🙂


#musicoverdose promo

Matsushita Yuya was brought to my attention 3-4 years ago because of his involvement in the Kuroshitsuji musicals as lead Sebastian Michaelis. I was very fond of his voice, and figured I had nothing to lose by giving his solo stuff a shot. His debut album was a pleasant surprise to say the least – not exactly a milestone in J-pop history, but enjoyable nonetheless. This album was  self-released on 28th August 2013 and marks his departure from major label Sony.

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X4 (X-Four) 2016 Continuous 3rd release

New members

Regular edition jacket

「Party Up!!」which is has been performed in the live performance before, has been anticipated by all fans. You must watch the video to see the “Party ” feelings itself!

The new members,「SHOTA」&「JUKIYA」also appears in the music video.



1.Party Up!!

  • Lyrics by X4
  • Music by X4 / RUSH EYE
  • Arranged by RUSH EYE

2.誓い (Oath)

  • Lyrics by PA-NON
  • Music by 多田慎也
  • Arranged by 中村佳紀



  • Lyrics by U
  • Music by V10
  • Arranged by V10


4.IDKYN(I don’t know your name)

  • Lyrics by U
  • Music by B.Thompson / Lazy-Q / TONKATZ
  • Arrange by Lazy-Q


5.Party Up!! (Instrumental)

6.誓い (Oath)  (Instrumental)

7.obsession (Instrumental)

8.IDKYN (I don’t know your name)  (Instrumental)


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M-ON! MUSIC published an article of the new X4 members and they insert together the two new members comments. The translation was made by me (Admin Ren) so there might be a slight mistakes in it. Please refer to the original comments as per attached. You may read the full article here on M-ON! MUSIC

■ Shota

Born in Okinawa prefecture, Shota has now joining X4 as the new member. I was happy that I was chosen , and I’m really looking forward to meet all of you (fans) in the next Spring Live Tour. Of course we’ll do our best and make the tour success! I feel great now. From now on,let me create a wonderful memories with everyone too. Please give your warm support. Let’s meet on the live tour!

Original comments: 今回X4に加入することになりました、沖縄出身のSHOTAです。自分が選ばれたことは本当にうれしく、春からのツアーでは皆さんと会えることを心より楽しみにしています。 メンバーはもちろん、ファンの方々と一緒にツアーを成功させたいです。その気持ちが今は大きいです。そしてこれからは素敵な思い出の1ページに僕も参加させてください。皆様からの温かい声援、よろくお願いします。ツアーでお会いましょう !




I’m really happy because it was my dream since I was young! Tension, expectations, there’s a lots of mixed feelings now. Yuya-kun and Tmax-kun presence as a senior, which now I’m a part of the group with them I want to do my best.

Original comments:幼い頃からの夢だったので本当にうれしいし、緊張と期待など、いろんな気持ちがいっぱいです。YUYAくん、T-MAXくんはダンススクールの先輩で憧れの存在でしたが、これからは僕も同じX4のメンバーとして、今までとはまた違う一面を見せられるように、新しい力になれるように頑張ります。


X4 YUYA (Matsushita Yuya)make a debut performance for Akatsuski No Yona musical theme song;「誓い」”Oath”


In the event [BREAK OUT presents Spring Festival 2016], which was held in January 31 EX THEATER ROPPONGI,  YUYA from popular dance vocal group: X4 who was making a solo appearance performing the theme song for Akatsuki No Yona Mucsical which will started on March 16, 2016.

Only 10 months after their major debut, they already placed #1 on R&B chart makes Yuya as bird of the event that day which attract a lots of attention.

He also sing a cover of Masaharu Fukuyama song “Sakurazaka” for the upcoming spring with only acoustic guitar for the music. With such charismatic voice he catch everyone attention. “Trust Me and “#musicoverdose” also being performed on the event.

Also, Yuya who will be play ‘Haq’ role, will be starring with Risa Aragaki in Akatsuki No yona who play the role as Princess Yona.


Original report can be read here HERE.