The X4 official and Teichiku Entertainment have been announced, X4 will be releasing their 1st major album on 25th May 2016! The most awaited news has finally arrive. There’s no detail information on it from the official yet. It was titled [Funk, Dunk, Punk].

This album will be promoted with the upcoming X4 LIVE TOUR 2016-Party Up!! which will be started tomorrow at Kobe Varit, Hyogo. After a few hit release since debut last year, they finally come out with big suprise for all X4 fans both in Japan and all around the world. The most awaited news has finally announced. While having two ne members with them now, all fans must be anticipating another fresh music from X4.

Any new updates and important news will be updated soon. Stay tuned!

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X4 2nd SINGLE [Party Up!!] RELEASED!

Since 25 March, X4 has been releasing their 2nd major single; Party Up!! in Japan. They have been promoting and spreading the music to all fans in Fukuoka, Aichi, Osaka, and Tokyo for 5 days in a row! Since middle of March, the music video have been appeared on every building all around Japan. There’s also a big X4 ad truck equipped with LED playing Party Up!! music video around Shibuya! (The fans have been uploading it on Twitter and Instagram so you can check them there). And finally yesterday, on 30 March 2016 Party Up!! has been released to all international fans!

After a short rest for one day, they will start off their Live Tour at Kobe Varit, Hyogo Prefecture tomorrow. This Live Tour also promoting their soon to be release 1st major album; Funk, Dunk, Punk on 25th May 2016. They will be having three additional days for Party Up!! release event on the same venue for their X4 LIVE TOUR 2016-Party Up!!.It’s been announced that those who come and buy the “Party Up!!” at the first 3 shows of the tour (Kobe, Kyoto, Hamamatsu) will also receive a B2-sized poster!

Please click here for the live tour schedule: [X4 LIVE TOUR 2016-Party Up!!] Event schedule!



‪#‎PartyUp‬!! released! Purchase the original! There’s 3 type:


Limited Edition Type A:
-Party Up!!
-Party Up!! Instrumental
-誓い Instrumental
-Party Up MV
-Party Up Shooting Making Video



Limited Edition Type B:
-Party Up!!
-Party Up!! Instrumental
-Party Up!! LIVE VIDEO
-Obsession LIVE VIDEO
-IDKYN(I Don’t Know Your Name) LIVE VIDEO



HyperFocal: 0

Normal edition:
-Party Up!!
-Party Up!! Instrumental
-誓い Instrumental
-Obsession Instrumental
-IDKYN Instrumental

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Review – Matsushita Yuya – #musicoverdose

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Matsushita Yuya was brought to my attention 3-4 years ago because of his involvement in the Kuroshitsuji musicals as lead Sebastian Michaelis. I was very fond of his voice, and figured I had nothing to lose by giving his solo stuff a shot. His debut album was a pleasant surprise to say the least – not exactly a milestone in J-pop history, but enjoyable nonetheless. This album was  self-released on 28th August 2013 and marks his departure from major label Sony.

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