X4 (X-Four) 2016 Continuous 3rd release

New members

Regular edition jacket

「Party Up!!」which is has been performed in the live performance before, has been anticipated by all fans. You must watch the video to see the “Party ” feelings itself!

The new members,「SHOTA」&「JUKIYA」also appears in the music video.



1.Party Up!!

  • Lyrics by X4
  • Music by X4 / RUSH EYE
  • Arranged by RUSH EYE

2.誓い (Oath)

  • Lyrics by PA-NON
  • Music by 多田慎也
  • Arranged by 中村佳紀



  • Lyrics by U
  • Music by V10
  • Arranged by V10


4.IDKYN(I don’t know your name)

  • Lyrics by U
  • Music by B.Thompson / Lazy-Q / TONKATZ
  • Arrange by Lazy-Q


5.Party Up!! (Instrumental)

6.誓い (Oath)  (Instrumental)

7.obsession (Instrumental)

8.IDKYN (I don’t know your name)  (Instrumental)


Visit Teichiku Official for details on Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B


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