X4 YUYA (Matsushita Yuya)make a debut performance for Akatsuski No Yona musical theme song;「誓い」”Oath”


In the event [BREAK OUT presents Spring Festival 2016], which was held in January 31 EX THEATER ROPPONGI,  YUYA from popular dance vocal group: X4 who was making a solo appearance performing the theme song for Akatsuki No Yona Mucsical which will started on March 16, 2016.

Only 10 months after their major debut, they already placed #1 on R&B chart makes Yuya as bird of the event that day which attract a lots of attention.

He also sing a cover of Masaharu Fukuyama song “Sakurazaka” for the upcoming spring with only acoustic guitar for the music. With such charismatic voice he catch everyone attention. “Trust Me and “#musicoverdose” also being performed on the event.

Also, Yuya who will be play ‘Haq’ role, will be starring with Risa Aragaki in Akatsuki No yona who play the role as Princess Yona.


Original report can be read here HERE.


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