In memories of our beloved Sebastian Michaelis.

As been said, Yuya will taking a break from theater activities for this year and focusing on his music with X4. As for KUROMYU, he will pass the baton of being Sebastian Michaelis in KUROMYU to the new actor which will be revealed this May.

Saying that, here’s Yuya message to everyone translated by Admin Jade of X4 International Fans fan page.

Greetings everyone,

I am Yuya Matsuhita, the actor who was given the opportunity to have the role of Sebastian Michaelis from 2009 to 2014 in the hit anime musical “Kuroshitsuji”. Being able to have the lead role of Sebastian Michaelis for such a long period of time from the age of 19 as my first musical debut role and up till I was 24, which above all things difficult was something irreplaceable, has become a valuable experience.

To the original creator of Kuroshitsuji, Yana Toboso sensei, all the KuroMyu cast members I had worked with up till now, staff members, and above all, the cherished fans of the Kuroshitusji Musical who always offer me support, I can’t express my feelings of gratitude enough. From now on I will make good use of the experience and skills I have gained from KuroMyu for other ventures. For 2015, I have decided to take a break from my theatre activities, and focus more on the activities of my newly produced group “X4”.

This year’s Kuroshitusji Musical – The Licorice Which Blazes the Earth, which will begin in November will have a new Sebastian, so please do look forward to that!

I will continue to love Kuroshitsuji, a great work, and I hope I will also be able to gain support from it as before. Even now, I look forward to the future Kuroshitsuji Musicals.

You can check the Japanese message here as well:

kuro 3

Translation by: Admin Jade (X4 International Fans)
Source from: Matsushita Yuya Philippines
Photo by: House of Yuya Matsushita Fans